A young female small business carpenter smiling at her tablet and mobile phone, presumably good news


I’ve been there. I’ve seen how some marketing and branding agencies charge the most exorbitant amounts to do very little and then ride off into the sunset never to be seen again. This isn’t me. I’ll work with you up front to really understand you, your business and your customers before working up any proposal. This way you’ll get a fully tailored solution to meet your needs and within your budget. And I’m all about accountability. I won’t be riding off into that sunset. Instead, I’ll stick around to see how my strategies, campaign plans or even the outcome of our ‘Power Hour’ are working for you.


If you’re starting out, I can help you to focus on who your customers are, what makes them tick, where they ‘are’ and make sure you’re building your brand from day one. If you’re already up and running, I can be your ‘fresh eye’, taking you back to your dream and helping you refresh your existing marketing strategies and plans to make sure you are moving up your business growth trajectory.